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 AMERICAN PAST TENTS creates products from 100% recycled vintage military tents. We leave intact details from the original tents, including the snaps and grommets. We also add a little camouflage for fun. The products are washable, mildew proof, water resistant and virtually indestructible. Whether you are looking for a new military canvas handbag or an army wife purse, we have them for sale in Texas.

Respecting the military is our main goal. We recycle history by bringing memories and humor into every product. We challenge everyone to remember how strong and brave the soldiers who carried these tents were, and honor them by praying for those who still carry the torch today. Please, pray for our men and women who sacrifice their lives in the line of duty so that you and I can stand proud to be Americans.

Please pray daily for our men and women who diligently fight for our FREEDOM. Go to "The Chapel" for a list of names of soldiers currently serving.  If you would like to add a soldier's name; please email us at info@americanpasttents.com and we will post their name and pray for them! 
Please go to "The Commissary"  to see more products and to "The Chapel" to pray for our soldiers.
​At American Past Tents, we have revived the old, rusty, pup tents that most people don’t EVEN remember. Stored in a deserted warehouse, some of these tents are as old as 1945. There is so much history connected to each tent, and our mission is to recycle them to create a new product while preserving American history. Our goal is to honor our veterans and support our troops who serve currently. 

We send Christmas stockings and packages throughout the year to our soldiers. The stockings are made from the recycled tents. In fact all of our products are made from these forgotten tents. These products include canvas purses, grill aprons, backpacks, crayon packs, tote bags, toys, key chains, magnets, messenger bags, car bags, army bags, grocery bags and more. In fact, we have over 35 products made from this priceless material.